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Why You Should Practice Being Upside Down

Updated: Oct 22, 2022

Your body is meant for movement. You'd be surprised to learn the many benefits of flipping upside down 🤸‍♂️ a.k.a. "inversion therapy."

So what is an inversion?

An inversion is considered to be any position where your head is lower than your heart (in simple terms your body is "upside down"). You can practice via yoga poses, inversion tables/chairs or suspended via an exercise bar.

What are the benefits of inverting your body?

Inversions are great for short-term back and spine pain relief. There are many other health benefits such as:

  • improved brain function

  • boosted mood

  • increased blood circulation

  • strengthened immunity

  • and more!

The science behind inversions is that being upside down makes your body think your blood pressure is rising. So, the body works to lower it, which results in your body feeling

calm and relaxed.

How can I safely practice inversions?

Inversions should only be done for short durations (1-5 minutes), in a cool environment with steady and consistent breathing. If you’re straining or feel too much head pressure, STOP!

Consult with your doctor before trying inversions if you have medical concerns such as:

  • hypertension

  • heart disease or circulation problems

  • glaucoma or eye disease/problems

  • osteoporosis or arthritis

  • inner ear problems

  • fractures or ankle/joint problems

  • pregnancy

The Well Pasadena specializes in fitness training and holistic bodywork treatments including massage, stretch and cupping. We empower and educate clients to implement healthy lifestyle choices, practice mindful self-care habits and enhance their physical and mental wellness.

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