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8 Signs That You Need a Massage

How do you know you need a massage? We're breaking down 8 flags you should pay attention to so that you can feel your best and know when you need to practice self-care.

1. You're stressed out 😥 Massage is a mood booster. It reduces the level of stress hormones in the body and increases your happy hormones. Regularly scheduled massages can help regulate stress.

2. You're training or getting back in the gym 🏋️‍♀️

Cardio and weightlifting build new muscles, strain muscles, and even tear muscle fibers.

Deep tissue massages can help you recover quicker, restore range of motion to tight muscles, increase circulation, improve flexibility, and lower your risk of injury.

3. Your body is tight and in pain 🤕

Pain is a way for your body to signal that something is wrong. If a specific area of your body is constantly in pain, you may be suffering from a soft tissue injury or muscle tightness.

So, don't ignore it!

Massages can help heal the impacted areas, improve range of motion, and work trigger points (bundles of muscle fibers that need better blood flow and pain relief.)

4. You get nonstop headaches 😣 Tension built up in your neck, shoulders, and trap muscles can cause strain, which triggers headaches. Massages relax your muscles and promote better blood flow to the head, which can relieve headache pains and migraine symptoms.

5. You sit down or stand A LOT 🪑 Sitting down or standing too long in the same position can lead to poor posture, headaches, tight hips and more! Getting a massage can improve your spinal health, relax and loosen the muscles you use to type, and promote better circulation throughout your body.

6. You have bad posture 🙃 Poor posture typically is the result of back and neck tension coupled with a lack of muscle strength. Regular massages can help by increasing muscle flexibility so they can lengthen and move as they should into their natural positions.

7. You have trouble sleeping 😴

Massages are a natural and effective way to get better rest and deep sleep.

Regular massages can increase your happy hormones,and lower your stress levels, which results in your body being able to relax with more ease.

8. You NEVER had a massage or you're overdue ‼️

You're missing out on countless health benefits that can improve your overall wellness.

Schedule your appointment at The Well Pasadena to start feeling and moving your best! Check out our massage services below:

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